9 must consider short hairstyles for fine hair over 60

9 must consider short hairstyles for fine hair over 60
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9 must consider short hairstyles for fine hair over 60

When it comes to fine hair, most women over 60 complain that their lacks hair lacks body and bounce. This is why most women try to find ways in which to make their hair appear thicker. Some turn to shampoos and hair supplements,. which may or not work to achieve this desired volume. There is however a better option; styling.  Styling, when done correctly, will give hair the extra thickness. Here are 9 must consider short hairstyles for fine hair over 60.

These styles are varied so that it accommodates different face shapes, types of hair and even personality.  The over 60 hairstyles complement your hair and give it the right amount of dimension and that much needed splash.

1.Modern short layered cut

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Source: INSTAGRAM@ AngiemBeauty

INSTAGRAM@ AngiemBeauty

A style requiring patience and care before it is achieved which would require several trips to your stylist. The layers make this hairstyle the perfect short hairstyle for fine hair over 60. Whether curly or straight this hairstyle gives your hair that togetherness while being trendy at the same time. Once the cut has been achieved, managing this style is quite easy. This short hairstyle for thin hair over 60 gives the impression of thickness. On top of this, it will frame your face and give your hair that much-needed bounce. Shortness makes the layers lighter, and averts any weighing down that would result  from being longer.

2.A classic bob 

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The bob has been around for decades, winning the hearts of many women over 60. This iconic style is often spotted with the celebrities,  especially the classic bob. This short hairstyle for women over 60 is known to for adding volume to fine hair. Most styling options prefer the chin-length classic bob as this is perfect for making hair thicker. This style though needs regular maintenance,which means that every other month you  will need to go get a trim. The reason for frequent trimming is that the classic bob gets easily weighed down by longer lengths.

3. Graduated layered bob

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This is a versatile look which is suitable for different hairstyles –  especially as a hairstyle for over 60’s. Also known as an inverted bob, it is defined by a tapered back with layers, which means that the hair will look more curved at the back, and less flat. Short layers give them a more defined look. The length graduation of this short hairstyle for fine hair over 60 can be varied from minimal to a quite notable difference. The addition of layers at the back and front gives the hair a thicker appearance. .  Highlights help to makefine hair have more texture.

4. Pixie Bob with Swooped Back Layers

A blend of the bob and pixie is one of suitable short hairstyle for fine hair over 60. It also passes as a short hairstyle for fine straight hair over 60.  This style adds edginess to a short crop and a little bit of softness. For blonde hair adding some blonde highlights will give the hair a more vibrant youthful look. The feathery layers which are swooping from font to back of your head make your fine hair glamorous. You will have  thicker and an artistically shaped hairstyle for women with fine hair.

5. Feathered pixie haircut

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The fairish looks combined with feathers gives you a simple and short hairstyle for fine hair over 60. The best part about this is that it favours you if you do not like frequent visits to your stylist. A style that shows off your features, your smile, and those cheekbones. The cropped feathered layers add much-needed volume to your hair.  Cutting and styling is done over the ears before layering of feathers is done to surround the face and run towards the back of your head. This style makes you fashionable even at 60 with some highlights and choppy layers.

The feathered pixie is an idea for any color type on hair. It is also expressive and affordable as you will spend less time and money styling it. You can even blend this hairstyle  with a little bit longer side bangs.

6. Edgy pixie

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The edgy pixie is  one of those versatile pixie looks.  Due to its stylish nature there is  more than one one way to wear it. Talk to your stylist and figure out which cut will suit you  and will fit fine hair over 60. Also, you can play with it by pushing it to the front to make some bangs to achieve that classic sexy pixie. This style is  perfect for women with strong yet small, symmetrical facial features and will draw attention to your jawline while adding volume. Styling this hair is done in a matter of minutes, and  therefore it is a perfect time saving short hairstyle for fine hair over 60. The edgy pixie will only need trimming every one and a half months. This style is fun, so why not experiment with your hair and try different stylings of the edgy pixie.

7. A Smooth Bob

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To attain thicker hair, the importance of layers in hair cannot be overlooked. .  This is a shorter version of the crop with layers added to the top for enhanced volume. To achieve volume in your hair, your stylist will cut many layers and in the process make it thicker. The ends are curled under using a paddle brush to achieve that sleek smooth appearance. This  style is elegant and is perfect for thin hair if you are looking to draw attention to your facial features.

8. Short liberated shag

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Shaghairstyles are layered to various lengths. . This shorthairstyle for fine hair is good as it frees up all your ends. To style it you can get more choppy layers to give fine hair that voluminous look required. Besides styling, it is simpler as you can create a tousled look using only your hands. This style best suits those with triangularshaped faces. Consider this over 60 hairstyles if you are looking for something  trendy and flirty.

9. Voluminous straight feathered hairstyle

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An over 60 style that sits perfectly for those with square defined jawlines.The feathered hairstyle is a perfect way to soften and uplift your look. To achieve this style, the hair at the front is cut to be a little bit longer while the hair at the crown is feathered and backcombed. Finish off this style by adding highlights to the top.. This is a perfect short hairstyle for fine hair over 60 for a relaxed and airy look

The secret to fine hair is that you just have to find the correct style that sits perfectly with your face. Play around with styles, bangs, and highlights to achieve that chic and trendy look. Then own and wear this look with confidence.

Here are some additional short hairstyles for fine hair over 60 you can try.

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