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4Retirees is connecting skilled and enthusiastic retirees with world-class organisations to develop a range of exciting opportunities.


Regional and Global Partners
Companies provide value to our members through sponsorship support (such as paying subscriptions or sponsoring courses to upskill them). They may also offer in-kind value such as discounts, upgrades, and special access or offers.

We partner with corporate organisations: government (including federal departments, local councils, and community centres), NFP, marketing, and technology partners which align with our mission—to help retirees take advantage of all possible opportunities to live a better life, enable them with the on-demand economy and learn through shared resources.

Local Partners
Companies may engage 4Retirees members on a local level, providing value through sponsorship support or in-kind value (local communities, churches, gold clubs, retirement houses, and many more).

Event Partners
Companies or organisations may provide sponsorship support to 4Retirees in return for branding and business-development opportunities.

4Retirees is also a marketplace for marketplaces, we connect retirees with on-demand sharing economy businesses. If you are a marketplace, a P2P start-up business that is looking for demand generation for 60+ years old, experienced, wealthy and active retirees contact us today on marketplace@4retirees.com

To all our partners
If you would like to support our experienced, growing community, please contact us at partners@4retirees.com

Press Room

4Retirees is all about inspirational people take advantage of all possible opportunities to live a better life, to learn new skills, engage with their community, and make the most of their retirement. It’s why we like to follow our members progress. And why we’re excited to share their success.

Their stories show the incredible depth of experience and talent amongst retirees. It encourages others to follow in their path and find their own unique way to contribute to their local community.

To press partners: if you would like to share our story or some of our members stories please contact us at press@4retirees.com

Advertise With Us

4Retirees is a large Australian  online community for the active retirees, enjoyed and trusted by thousands of visitors and our members. And we’re expanding to serve the needs of this, the fastest growing and most rapidly changing demographics in the world.

We enable our advertising partners to connect with this huge and wealthy demographics on our engaging 4Retirees website as well as via emails and Facebook.

Talk to us about how we can help your brand reach experienced and affluent retirees.

Request our media and advertising kit at advertise@4retirees.com